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Have the Power of doing - Rapid, Mental & One Line Arithmetic

Vedic Math techniques improve the speed of calculations by 10-15 times. Vedic Math is based on 16 sutras. It is fun and easy to learn. Improve your Brain functions in fast acting calculations,  recognising patterns, logical reasoning and memory power.

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Course contains 50+ Vedic Math Skills

explained in 3 parts:

  1. Lecture video explaining the skill (4 to 15 mins for each skill).

  2. Online Quiz of about 10 to 15 MCQ for the skill. 

  3. Downloadable flashcard (in .pdf) for each skill providing information of the skills in steps for your lifelong reference like a book. 

Suitable for

all levels

About our Course

Best Vedic Math Course to Improve speed of calculations.
Course Content for Vedic Math Tricks And Books Best Vedic Math
  • How is this course structured ?
    MathsUp Vedic Math curriculum is dividided into 10 days program requiring about 1 hour of effort for each day. Each day's program again consists of several topics as lessons. There are totally about 50 topics or lessons in the enire program.
  • How the course is conducted ?
    MathsUp Vedic math course is a online course delivered through high speed servers. Every student gets their own log in ID and Password. Course contains following 3 parts for every lessons : a) Lecture Video explaining about the lesson. Video time between 4 to 15 minutes for each lesson. b) Online Quiz containing about 10 to 15 MCQs for the lesson. c) Downloadable Flashcard (in pdf) for each topic containing explanation of the topic lesson in steps for your lifelong reference like a book.
  • How do I see my Quiz results ?
    On submission of the quiz you get the result immediately, you can see the review of correct answers and you can also retake the quiz any number of times. You also get the time checker showing how much time you have taken to complete the quiz which is the speciality of MathsUp quiz papers. You can also download/print your quiz answer sheet.
  • How much time is given to complete the course?
    As you know, course is planned for 10 days. You will get 2 months of access time for completing the course. We expect students to do about 1 to 2 days of program every week. Extra access time beyond 2 months can be considered upon request. You will also get gentle reminder every week to resume and complete the course from ourside to keep you on the track.
  • How and where can I access the Course?
    To access MathsUp Vedic Math Course you could use any of your Mobile, PC's, laptop, tablet devices including Android/IOS/Windows to have a fullfilling experience of the course. You would also require an internet connection in order for you to acces the course.
  • How do I clear my doubts  if any ?
    You can always email us about your questions, doubts, feedbacks, suggestions about the course by visting the Support Menu of this website. We would respond normally in a day's time on your questions.
  • How do I Enroll in MathsUp Vedic Math Course?
    To Enroll for MathsUp Vedic Math course simply follow the "Enroll Now" button on the Home page or on the Support & Enrolment section of this Website. You can make standard online payment methods such as Debit/Credit cards, netbanking or payment wallets. If you face any difficulties, please write us using the Support menu of this website.
  • When and How my course will be started ?
    Upon a succesful completion of the payment you would recieve an email from us giving the web link to the course and your username (your email ID) and password (which can be changed by you later) to access the course in our portal and get benefited by Simplyfing Math and Multiplying your Score.


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